02.09.2012 | AKTUELLES

At the "3. Rallye des IHC Industrie- und Handelsclubs Ostwestfalen-Lippe" over 150 IHC members and guests met to jointly indulge in the driving pleasure in their classic cars, classic cars and other sports racers. The rally enthusiasts gathered in the early morning of the 7th July along with Porsche, Thunderbird or VW Bulli to start in bright sunshine in one of around 70 cars.

Starting in 2012 was on the premises of the company Miele in Gütersloh. Dr. Gerd Sonntag of the "Motorsportclub Gütersloh (MSC Gütersloh e. V. im ADAC)" instructed all drivers and riders and their accompaniments in rules and regulations, log book and special tests. In the latter, participants could expect this time that various skill tests will get tough. Details on distance revealed Wolfgang Pfeiffer, chairman of MSC Gütersloh. "All facets of this country" would be brought close to the rally participants along the selected route. With "comfortable cruising" the scenery could be enjoyed.


Many small and big highlights awaiting the IHC members and their guests. Passing Werther the intermediate stage let to "Gut Böckel", where waited a brake test and then break for lunch. In the afternoon we went to Lower Saxony where we paid the Meller automobile museum a visit. Thereafter, the IHC rally went over Neuenkirchen and led to the "Haus Brinke" and "Schloss Patthorst". Arrived at the destination at Miele, already a go-kart course was ready where you could give in the adreniline pumping – but without the scoring. Then everybody went to the site of Pannhorst Classics GmbH. There the crowning ceremony took place.


The "Industrie- und Handelsclub Ostwestfalen-Lippe" thanks the "Motorsportclub Gütersloh e.V. im ADAC" for the excellent preparation and implementation of the IHC Rally 2012. Thanks applies also to the Miele and Pannhorst Classics for the provision of their premises. IHC vice president Dr. Zinkann also thanked the companies Gastico Catering (Mittagspause), Gräflicher Park, Kampmann Catering & Event of the Schlichte Hof, KATAG AG, Krombacher, Mercedes Benz Niederlassung OstWestfalenLippe, Sal. Oppenheim and Sixt for their kind support.



Industrie- und Handelsclub Ostwestfalen-Lippe e.V.

Text: Sandra Hankel / Photo: MSC Gütersloh e.V. im ADAC