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Special cars, special wishes. This can our customers expect from us: Whether restoration, maintenance or procuring the desired vehicle – the goal is to make the customer happy with our services!

  • Pannhorst Classics is a manufacturer of dream cars. A team of experienced professionals and perfectionists provides the faithful restoration of the classics – with bodywork, upholstery work, engineering, engines and, especially, with a lot of passion.


    To fulfill the highest standards, it is important for us that almost all jobs are processed and settled within our own workshop. Starting from the complete decomposition of a car up to a new interior made from the finest leather, we always offer our customers the increasingly rare handicraft. Few works, such as painting and chrome plating, are performed by our expert partners.

First, I looked around and couldn't find the car I was dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself."

Enzo Ferrari